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RedStar Energy

1-26-07 Goes live.

RedStar Girls Go to Las Vegas


RedStar girls

RedStar Energy was designed to compliment our fast-paced, highly mobile lifestyles. Quit lugging around clumsy cans, bottles or “roadies” and leave that bloated feeling behind, forever. Just take two of our great tasting RedStar Energy waffers and in just a few minutes, you’re set for three to five hours. Lose that “carbonation bloat” or “coffee stomach” and keep that “10 AM feeling” throughout your day.

RedStar Energy is great way to get your “boost” without that “wired” or “jittery” effect usually associated with energy drinks or too much caffeine. That’s because RedStar Energy is scientifically engineered with amino acids and vitamins to let your mind and body achieve greater alertness and that “get-up-and-go” feeling without large blasts of sugar or caffeine.

So, as we like to say, “Keep the boost…kick the can.” RedStar Energy is the way to go! It’s great for anyone who needs to perform at their best all day long. Whether you work long office hours, need a pre-work out boost, have lots of study time in your day, or just party like it’s your job…RedStar Energy is THE ANSWER FOR YOU….PERIOD!!!